SMS Services

Transictional SMS

Transactional SMS is very popular, and we help you to get in touch with your clients concerning their transactions with your company.

Promotional SMS

Our promotional SMS services give you the chance to reach thousands of people without struggling. We will help you sell yourself to your clients efficiently.

Opt-In SMS

We send your Bulk Opt-in SMS to various recipients to keep them informed about your products and services. They will have to give you consent to keep texting.

Tiny SMS

With our Tiny SMS, you will have people flooding your website in no time. We understand that reaching a multitude of people is essential in getting the traffic you need.

International SMS

You can send SMSes across the world in an easy, and convenient manner. Your Bulk SMSes to international recipients are delivered promptly.

API Integration

With us, it is easy for you to use a customized software to access and use our services once our Application Protocol Interface is used.

Other Services


Location based Geoienoing should allow you to collect special demographic information on your opt—in forms and add them as filters. So now you can send an informative Ad to someone based on different different filters giving your message even more relevance and adding to in effectiveness.

Email Marketing

This service helps you in marketing your business. You can now get in touch with people by sending the same text to a vast number of recipients.

Short Code

Short codes are short digit sequences, significantly shorter than telephone numbers, that are used to address messages in the MMS and SMS systems of mobile network operators.

Long Code

A long number also known as a virtual mobile number, dedicated phone number or long code, is a reception mechanism used by businesses to receive SMS messages and voice calls.

Miss Call

users can ‘missed call’ specific numbers and receive a call or text back that contains promotional materials and other content.

Voice Call

our voice call services are dependable. Communication between two ends is enabled using the best technologies that we use. Real time and live communications we offer are cost effective and non-interruptive.


We are the best service providers for IVR Services. Typically, an IVR System is whereby a communication between human beings and computers is made possible by the use of with the help of DTMF tones generating from keypads.

Toll Free

A toll-free number will help your customers to call your company day in day out without incurring any charges. This way, you will always be able to offer efficient customer support services always.

Software Development

Software development is also one of our specialty as service providers. We run our services using state of the art software. That is one proof that shows we know what we are doing.

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