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Short Codes and Long Codes are very vital when it comes to messaging. They are changing communication patterns between businesses and customers or potential clients in significant ways. Choosing us for your short code or long code services, you are selecting a company that offers superior advantages.


Short Code

When it comes to Short code, the simplest thing that should come to mind is the fact that you can send a large number of SMS in just a second. Typically, short codes are 5 to 6 digit number and are usually provided by a mobile network operator. This number is used to send SMSes to many people. Our company offers the greatest A2P short code messaging platform for your business. There are no hiccups in using this service at any time. They are practical and dependable for growing your business whether you are marketing it, sending business alerts, or any other desire you want to accomplish. You will not be limited in terms of features when you choose us for short code services.


Long Codes

While short codes are made of 5 to 6 digit number, a long code is a phone number that is made of ten digits. We specialize in offering you the best P2P communication platform required for effective long code communication. Long codes are very effective in group messaging. Even they are not as fast as short codes; our services offer great delivery speed in general for long codes. Typically, using long codes means that you are only able to send one SMS in a second. Our traffic for long code use is amazingly great because of the high inbound to outbound ratio.