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Transactional SMS

This SMS service is excellent in sending bulk SMS to your customers. Being a template-based SMS service, we offer fast approving rates so that you can get to business. We offer fast delivery services while sticking to all defining rules.


Promotional SMS

Our promotional SMS services are efficient at sending offers to your client and potential clients about your products and services. They are not limiting, and they are very inclusive. It is easy to use, fast, and dependable.



The opt-in SMS service we provide will help you reach out to a massive number of people in the public while at the same time giving them an option of opting in for what you have to offer or not. We are cost effective and great at marketing what you offer.


Tiny SMS

With our Tiny SMS service, it will be easier for you to reach out to people and allure them to visit your website promptly.


International SMS

We provide a straightforward and very convenient for you to send and receive SMS across other countries using our services. There are no delays or hiccups with the technology we use for this service. You can text from any network, your phone, your PC and more.


API Integration For SMS

We offer you fantastic Application Protocol Interface for your SMS needs so that once integrated; you can customize your software to use our services automatically.